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Pop Goes The Fuse

Q. My boyfriend owns a 98 plymouth breeze . He purchased it from his mother who bought it new. He has only had it for a month. I am trying to save him some time, money and lots of frustration. Every time he turns the car off, it won't start because some fuses keep blowing. He just keeps buying new fuses since neither one of us have a lot of money to take it somewhere right now. I know the fuses that are malfunctioning are: ignition/fuel 20A and the PCM/ASD 20A. What I would love is if you could give me some idea of what may be causing this.

Thank you for any help you might be able to give us.

A. This is a case where it would be very difficult for me to put you on the trail of a possible cause. The two systems are interconnected at different places and at different levels. This is a good example of where the dealers expertise comes in handy. They know the systems intimately and have probably run into this problem before. At the very least they can access their database of every repair made at every dealer and come up with a definitive answer for you.

Sorry I can't be of more help to you.

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