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Clunking Jeep

Q. My 1994 Jeep Cherokee has an clunk sound and a feeling of dropping in the rear end after coming to a stop and after releasing on the brake. The last Jeep I owned had the same problem and my neighbors Jeep has it too. My Jeep is 4 wheel drive, automatic, 4.0 motor with ABS. My best guess is the transaxle has a worn out bushing causing the drive shaft to bounce forward and back.

What do you think?

A. I think I'm glad I never bought a Jeep Cherokee. As you have probably already deduced, this is a common problem with this vehicle.

The rear ends get sloppy after a period of time and it has become, what we call, "The nature of the beast". It can be fixed, but it's expensive. The rear end must be removed and rebuilt. This is a very complicated procedure involving a lot of calculations and measurements. A used one from the junkyard would probably have the same problem and a new one from the dealer would cost big bucks. If you decide to get it rebuilt, I would recommend the dealer. They have all the special tools needed to perform this procedure.

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