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Serious Brain Transplant

Q. I have a 1992 Plymouth. Colt, 1.5, auto, with a bad ECU. We replaced the ECU in a 1991 Dodge Colt, manual trans, just before it was totaled (rolled). Could it be used in the 1992? Both had the same actions i.e. would shut off in humid weather run find otherwise. This went on a long time in both cars until they would not start at all. With the cost ($300.+) I hope it can be used.

What is the best way to get at the ECU. I know it is on the pass. side but where.

Thanks in advance.

A. Chances are that it can be used in the later car. What you need to do to be sure is to call the dealer and they will check the part numbers for both vehicles and see if they are the same. You can also try calling a junkyard. They have master interchange books that will determine if it can be used in both vehicles. If they are, then it's safe to use. If they aren't, then I would recommend not using it because you don't know what is different.

The ECU is located in the passenger kick panel, There maybe a couple of screws or large thumbscrews holding it in. Some kick panels have clips built in that tugging on the panel will release. When you go to remove it, disconnect the battary to prevent a voltage spike when you plug in the new one.

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