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A Jeep 360

Q. I'm thinking about buying a used Jeep Grand Wagoneer with a 360. What can I do to improve fuel economy? I know they make a new HEI distributor for them. Will fuel injection help? Is there some kind of magic magnet that will increase fuel economy? I'm kidding.


A. With a vehicle such as this, if you need to ask what kind of gas milage it gets, you can't afford the car. A 360 is not known for great fuel economy. It was designed to put out horsepower and torque. Fuel injection will help, but you will never save enough on gas to pay for the conversion. A HEI ignition system will help, but don't expect a big difference in milage, maybe one or two mpg at best.

If you decide to buy it, you will get the best milage possible by keeping the engine tuned and the tires at the proper pressures. See my article on Gas Saving Tips and Suggestions. for information on extending gas milage.

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