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Caravan Won't Downshift

Q. 1992 Dodge Caravan transmission. 3.0 V--6. Auto with air and power steering Rack and pinion and fuel injected. 100,000 miles no ABS.

Driving along at any speed if you stop real fast the transmission doesn't shift back down in to first. If you push on the gas slightly while stopped it will kick in to gear. If you come to a slow stop it will shift down OK.

Any suggestions?


A. This sounds like a dirty transmission. The valves in the valve body seem to be hanging up and needs a little more pressure to move. I would suggest a transmission fluid and filter change. Chances are good that this will fix it up. If not, then you will need to go to a transmission shop and have it looked at. They can do a pressure test and confirm a bad valve body and replace it for you.

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