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If you have a question about your car, send me the following information with your question so I can better serve you. The more information you send me, the better. If the question concerns a trouble code, please send the exact code number. Thanks!

  1. Year, make and model
  2. Engine size
  3. Manual or automatic transmission
  4. Mileage
  5. Carb or Fuel Injection
  6. ABS brakes
  7. P/S - A/C - Cruise control
  8. Rack and pinion steering

This information will help me determine the possible problem with your car.


I do answer all the questions you send me. But due to the volume of e-mail I get, I run about four to five days between when I get the question and post the answer. If your question is in need of an immediate answer, I would suggest calling me and I can give you an answer over the phone. I have a regular daily schedule plus I make myself available whenever I can. Week nights are usually the best time to reach me.

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