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BMW 325i Convertible OBC

Q. I have a 1992 BMW 325i convertible. My on board computer recently stopped providing a readout (background is still lit). I was taking some dash panels apart looking for the electric door lock actuator, which I subsequently found and replaced but after reassembling everything, no readout on the OBC (time, temp , ave mpg, etc). I checked for blown fuses in the fuse box under the hood, but they were OK. Anything inline? Could I have shorted out a board in the OBC? Any help you can provide would be extremely appreciated.


A. It's possible that it did short out, especially if you were working with the key in the ON position. But I think it's more likely that you forgot to plug something back in. A common mistake in dashboard work. I would go over everything you did and make sure all the connections are connected and tight. If all is tight, disconnect the battery for about five minutes. That should reset the OBC and possibly get it working again.

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