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BMW 530i Problems

Q. 1994 530i V8 3.0 liter, automatic, 110,000 miles, ABS, traction control. From a stop engine hesitates, but it will shortly catch up. I can live with that but at the same time I get a shock in the drive train which I know is not good. If I let the car roll from a stop and then accelerate it is very hard to tell the problem. Traction control on or off, engine hot or cold, different brands of premium gas, new K&N air filter. Did not check the plugs yet. Otherwise it runs very strong, is shifting very quick and solid.

Also it seems to have an appetite for radiators. They get blown apart at the tank seam on the driver side or at the upper transmission fitting whenever I accelerate very hard, shift at 4500 to 5000 rpm. It is a shame for the engineering invested in that engine, or maybe it is something wrong. The coolant is kept lower then the mark but higher than the sensor just to allow for some (overlooked ?) expansion. Still, I have to be careful when stepping on the gas. Could you please indicate a source of Radiators that do not require enforcing of the warranty right, I am getting embarrassed.

Thank you for your time,

A. I would try cleaning out the throttle chamber and see if that gets rid of the hesitation. At 110.000 miles, it's probably dirty as hell. I would also look at the plugs and I would recommend getting a new set from the BMW dealer. This way you have the right plugs for that engine. Bosch plugs are the only plugs that will really work well in that car. Outside of that, there's not much more you can do. The engine controls are so specialized that special tools and equipment are required to do any sort of testing. I really hate Robert Bosch!

As far as the radiator goes, It might not be bad radiators, but a bad head gasket. For some reason, and I have seen this in all German made cars, when a head gasket starts to go, they blow out radiators. I have seen a BMW Bavaria blow the lower radiator hose right off the radiator every time you hit the gas. When the head gaskets go bad, they push all the compression into the cooling system.

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