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VW Power Windows

Q. Hi, The left windows both driver and passenger (driver side) do not function. I've been to the dealer about my windows who says I need a new regulator/motor. They wanted a large amount of money, so I took it to a local shop, they said it was just the switches, however, I wasn't happy with their service so I went to a small VW shop in town. He is having a lot of trouble with the car.

He got new switches on the windows and they still do not work. He says everything else looks fine, however he is not sure how the relays on the car work with the windows. He is baffled. I need some information to pass onto him about the windows on this car, and how to fix them. He's played around but is really uncertain about the relays and fuses in relation to the electric windows. Is there any answer you could give me that I can pass on to him.

I've read everywhere that this is a common problem in all Volkswagens. Even the dealer said they see them come in all the time. Any ideas? I would be very, very grateful.

  • 1995 VW Passat VR6
  • V6
  • Automatic
  • 60,000
  • ABS Brakes
  • P/S, A/C, Cruise Control


A. I have found that the window motors and window regulators are the usual problem with this car. What you can do is pull the door panels off and check for voltage at the motor. If there is voltage there when the switch is activated, the motor/regulator is no good. If there is no voltage present, then the first ting I would suspect is the switches.

If the mechanic you have working on the car replaced the switches and they still don't work (and I'm assuming he's checked the motors) I would look for a broken wire in the harness. If you open the doors, you will see a rubber tube going from the body to the door. Inside this tube is the wiring for the window motor. Pop the tube grommets from the door and body and look at the wiring. Nine times out of ten when there is a broken wire, this is where it will be.

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