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Ford Taurus Needs To Vent

Q. I have an '89 Ford Taurus station wagon with 114000 miles. My air conditioner blows out the defroster vents. For a while I could play with the switch and I could get it to work, I had to do it ever time I started the car. While flipping the switch, I could here a "popping" sound, like something was closing. Now it just makes the noise when I first start the engine and nothing when I flip the switch. I stopped by a garage and the mechanic pulled the vacuum line where it goes into the firewall and said I had vacuum to that point. Told me it wasn't worth fixing, but during a Texas summer cooling the windshield doesn't cool the car.

Thanks in advance for your time.

A. This is an easy one. The heater control unit in the dash is almost certainly the problem. I lost count of how many of them I replaced. I think the reason your mechanic said it wasn't worth fixing is because the are really difficult to replace. Getting it out is a pain and then there's a cable that get's attached to it that keeps you from pulling it out. You have to disconnect the cable and there is zero room to work in. I went through a lot of band aids replacing them too.

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