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Taurus Getting The Bull

Q. I have a 96 Ford Taurus with a V-6 auto transmission that has 130,000 miles on it. Seven weeks ago it was involved in an accident and it "T" boned a car making an illegal left hand turn. After $6,000 in front end repairs it was returned but the transmission would not go into overdrive. The transmission shop stated that there was a hydraulic line internally that had moved out of positions and burned up the overdrive. The transmission mount was found broken.

According to the shop the line only had one clamp holding it in position and it was at the farthest point from were it became disengaged. He stated that this was common for the early version of this transmission but was revised later by ford due to problems with the line coming out. This car had no previous transmission problems.

The insurance company is stating that the transmission shop is group of idiots and that all transmission s of this type (Early and Late) have clamps on both sides of this line and it is impossible for any of these internal lines to become dislodged in an accident. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


A. After just finishing a four year battle with an insurance company, I can tell you this, I have no love for insurance companies. In my opinion, there isn't an insurance company in the world that's worth the hair on a cockroaches behind. My Grandfather put it all into one sentence. He said; "Insurance companies get the gold mine and we get the shaft."

Anyway, my advice to you here is to go back to the shop and get the diagnosis in writing. Then go to two or three other shops and get their diagnoses, again in writing. Another thing to do is go to the local Ford dealer and describe the problem and see if there was a service bulletin issued on it. If it was a known problem you now you have reputable and unrefutable documentation to go back to the insurance company and demand satisfaction.

If they still refuse to pay, then go to the local court house and file a small claims suit against the driver of the other car. If you need to, get an Attorney. Most small claims courts will allow Attorney fees to be added to the suit.

Good luck, I'm pulling for you.

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