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Ford Mustang LX Need A Belt?

Q. I have an '88 Ford Mustang LX 5.0. I am trying to remove the belt but it has a tensioner (or what ever it is called). I have never dealt with one of these before and I was hoping that you could give me instruction on how to remove it.


A. Piece of cake Theo, or if you're on a diet, piece of tofu. It is a tensioner and it is spring loaded. You can get a special belt pulley tool for Fords to turn the pulley allowing you to change the belt. You can also use a pry bar or other suitable tool, just be careful where you pry against. Some you can fit a wrench on to turn it. In any case, be very, very careful. That spring is quite strong and could cause you an injury if you are not careful. Move it just enough to slip the belt off and on. It wouldn't hurt to have an extra hand around to help as well.

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