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Needs ACC Info

Q. Can you tell me if there is a web site with detailed info on troubleshooting the climate control system on my big Ford Club Wagon?

The air condition is ok (rear puts out cold air), but the mix seems to be malfunctioning as hot air blows out of the front vents no matter where the controls are set. Acts like a flapper doors is stuck.

1 .Year, make and model : 1996 Ford Club Wagon
2 .Engine size: 350 V-10
3 .Manual or automatic transmission : Automatic
4 .Mileage : 45,000
5 .Carb or Fuel Injection : Injected?
6 .ABS brakes : yes
7 .P/S - A/C - Cruise control : All of them. Front and rear air.
8 .Rack and pinion steering : Not sure


A. One if the things I like to do is search out the web for information like this and post it here to make it easily accessible for my readers. Unfortunately I have never seen a site that goes into any great detail about troubleshooting the Automatic Climate Control (ACC). The closest I have seen is the Western Nevada Community College offering a video tape that "Presents vacuum and electrical system operation; component operation and diagnosis; retrieving and interpreting EATC trouble codes." It might be more helpful than a book. It has a 1989 date but you can check to see if they have a more up to date version.

If that doesn't pan out then you can buy a manual from Ford or borrow a book on Ford climate control from the local public library.

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