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Brakes Broke?

Q. I have all new calipers on every wheel. I installed a new master and my front disc keep locking up on me. When I open the bleeder screw and release a few drops of fluid they unlock. The car is an 84 Escort with Manual brakes with the metal master cyl. not the one with the plastic tank. Could this be caused by improper bleeding?

A. When you install a new brake master cylinder on a car with manual brakes, you have to adjust the push rod that connects it to the brake pedal. If the rod is too long, the piston in the master will not travel back far enough to release the pressure for the front brakes. Another posibility is if you used a pair of vise grips to clamp the brake hose while you changed the calipers, you may very well have crushed the inner tube and it is not allowing the pressure to release. All you can do in this case is replace the brake hoses.

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