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A "Chipped" Mustang

Q. I would just like to find out where my computer is in my 1996 Mustang GT. I would like to buy a performance chip for it but I want to find out how hard it is to change myself.

Neither the driver's manual nor a repair manual I found at the Library mentions it. I don't really want to keep buying manuals only to find they don't cover it. The local shops I have found don't stock them so they haven't been much help either. I have to order one to find out how hard this would be.

Do you have any suggestions?


A. The computer or PCM (Powertrain Control Module) in this car is located behind the right (Passenger) side kick panel. It's not very difficult to get to at all. Just use caution when you unplug it. Some have a clip type lock and some have a bolt going through the connector.

The reason you can't find too much information on it is the manufacturer doesn't really want anyone playing with it. As far as changing the chip, it is easy enough to do, just follow the cautions that come with the chip. An aftermarket performance chip may make the car street illegal, so be careful what kind of chip you get.

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