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Granada Brake Light On

Q. Hi there. I seem to be having a problem with brake light staying on constantly. I own a well looked after 78 ford Granada 4 door automatic, 240 engine. I checked the brake fluid, it was fine but I topped it up to be certain. I then got in and pumped the brakes feel fine. checked the brake release, again not engaged. Front brakes were checked and they were fine. Saturday night the brake light came on, pumped it once and it turned off. Sunday it came back on and now will not turn off. Could you please help me trouble shoot this as to where I should start looking for an answer.

Thanks in advance,

A. Between the master cylinder and the wheels, there is a proportioning valve. What this does is equalize the fluid pressure between the front and rear brakes. If this valve goes bad, it will cause the brake light on the dash to go on. Now, the valve may be okay, but if there is a difference between the front and rear brake pressure, the light will go on. In this case what you need to do is bleed the brake system to equalize the pressure. In most cases, this will turn the light off.

When you bleed the brakes, you need to do it in the proper order. Left front, right front, left rear and right rear. If this does not turn the light off, then you will need to replace the proportioning valve. Before you go through all that, check the brake light switch on the parking brake. If that's broken, and I think it very likely, that will leave the light on all the time. The switch is located right on the parking brake lever.

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