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Installing A CD Changer

Q. I have a 1993 Ford Escort and my question is about installing a CD Changer. I got a CD changer from a friend and it has no brand name on it, no cartridge, and no wires. I thought it would be crappy, but it looks like it is fairly decent. On the top of the changer imprinted into the metal is the word DIGITAL, and it has a serial number sticker on it. I was told that it may have come from a Mercedes or BMW (hopefully not stolen!)

Anyway, I was hoping you could perhaps provide me with information on where to get the proper cartridge and wires to set this baby up. I also have installed in my car a tape deck receiver, model Sony XR-C350 which was built to handle CD Changer capabilities. Any help you can provide me with would be better than I have gotten anywhere else. Thank you so much for your time.


A. What a coincidence, I had a CD changer exactly like that stolen out of my Mercedes.... what did you say your address was again?

This is going to be tough, without knowing who made the changer, trying to find a cartridge for it is going to be very difficult. As far as the wiring, if it is indeed for a particular make of car, the wiring is built into the car and when the changer is installed, it's just plugged in.

About all you can do is take it to a shop that does audio installations, like Best Buy for example, and see if they can give you any information on who made it. You're also going to need a wiring diagram to be able to wire it to your dash unit.

It's not much help but it's about the best I can do for you. Good luck in your search.

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