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Q. SOS! SOS! Greetings, need your assistance, I own a Countach / Fiero conversion, It's overheating? The radiator is at a serious slant to begin with, almost horizonal to begin with? Does it really matter the direction of the radiator? Doesn't the water pump do all the work anyway?

Fact... 1986 Fiero, 6cyl, fuel injected, A/C, just rebuilt engine, new water pump, new fuel filter & pump, new radiator, new condenser, computer tested fine, the long 8 foot pipes that run on the side of the Fieros have been flushed and removed with no obstructions discovered, oh yes a high speed fan has been added without better cooling results?

What's happening? The car can idle for ever in the garage, but drive it, and within 3 miles it will over heat from the rear water fill, and the over flow goes crazy, oil gauge shows ok, water gauge is in red. MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

A. I don't know why, but from your letter it would seem that you need some help. I could be wrong about that though. Let me ask you this; why did you convert a Fiero to a Countach? Wouldn't it have been much easier to just go out and buy a Countach?

As with many kit car conversions, and I am by no means an expert in that area, modifications have to be made to both the kit and the car. The angle of the radiator has little bearing on it's cooling ability as long as the air flow is sufficient to draw the heat away. For example, the radiator in a Nissan 300ZX is in the front nose and lays almost flat. The front was designed to push/pull in air from the front to provide good air flow through it.

While you may have an auxiliary cooling fan, if there is no air to draw from, the radiator will not cool. Air must be channeled to the fan so it can push it through the radiator. This will require modifications to do this. Since I am not qualified to advise you on this, the best thing to do is look in the phone book and find a shop that specializes in such conversions.

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