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Q. Hi - I am trying to find out how to calculate the value of a fairly new car that has had some damage done to it. I need to know how to figure this out.

The particular car I'm working with right now is a 2000 Dodge Stratus SE 4DR Sedan, Auto Trans with ABS, Cruise Control and power Windows and locks. It's at 21,000 miles.

This car has a Damage Estimate with a gross total of $3,386 for Hail Damage to the Hood, Roof, L&R rear doors,L&R quarter panels, Rear lid deck and front windshield.

I would greatly appreciate your guidance in how to calculate the Actual Cash Value of this car and the others I will work with in the future.

Thank you immensely for your time and consideration,

A. Well Susan, you are in luck. There are Crash Estimating books published that will have all the information you need. They cover parts replacement, prep and finishing times along with prices and costs. You can go to the public library and find them there. The books are a bit expensive so I think purchasing them will probably prohibitive.

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