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A Cadillac Blows it's Top

Q. A friend of mine owns a 1966 Cadillac convertible. The hydraulic line from the pump / controls to the hydraulic pistons operating the hood / cover ( Not the engine hood) have air in it. He would like to know how to bleed these lines to get rid of the air spaces. The lines had to be replaced with the resulting air spaces. Nobody in this town and the other has any knowledge of the procedure. Would you be so kind to pass any info , if possible.

A. The dreaded hydraulically operated convertible top! The system should be self bleeding. There are no provisions made for bleeding the top because the top must go up and down to do it. A very unsafe procedure at best. If operating the top does not bleed the air out of the system, I would take it to a Cadillac Dealer for repair. Since the hydraulic system can produce about 2000 psi of pressure, I would not recommend this as a DIY repair

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