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A GMC Likes To Whine

Q. I have a 1998 GMC K-2500 pick-up truck. Lately (past 3-4 months) the fuel pump constantly whines while the truck is running. Normally it would just whine for about 3 seconds when I turned the key on. Now it's all the time.

Please help.

A. Actually this may not be more of a problem than an annoyance. Some fuel pumps just get noisy over time. There is a fuel dampener attached to the pump and this may this may be what has gone bad. At this point if the noise doesn't bother you, let it go. Otherwise the only other option is to replace the fuel pump.

The fuel pump lives inside the fuel tank and will require the removal of the tank to replace it. Not a particularly difficult job, but one I would do with the utmost caution. I have seen a car explode and the shop burn to the ground while such a job was being done. The two Technicians who were taking the gas tank out were killed instantly.

If you do decide to drop the tank and replace the pump yourself, please, use the utmost caution. The fuel is under high pressure so be sure to remove the fuel pump fuse and crank the engine for a minute or two to relieve the pressure.

An empty gas tank is more likely to explode than a full one. Don't just disconnect the battery, take it out completely and put it some where away from the vehicle. Do not smoke around an open gas tank and do not use an incandescent drop light. I can not stress enough the dangers involved in this kind of job. But, some common sense and safe work practices will make it go smoothly.

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