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Dragging A/C

Q. I have 1991 Cadillac Eldorado, PS, ABS,and Cruise. The problem has started since I put a new A/C compressor on the car and filled with the new freon. When the A/C is on the car dies when I slow to turn or at an intersection. The car drives fine with the A/C off. Also the car will run with the A/C on if it is in park.

Any suggestions?

A. Oh please Lesa, tell me when you say "The new freon" you don't mean R-134a. That system uses R-12 and putting R-134a will ruin the system, especially the compressor. The two refrigerants are not compatible at all. If this is the case then you will need to take it into a shop that can flush out the old freon, replace the compressor and refill with new refrigerant. The system can be converted to R-134a but that is a job far beyond the DIY.

If you mean new R-12 then you got a defective A/C compressor. If you bought it new, return it, if you bought it used, then see what the policy of the used parts place is regarding bad parts.

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