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A Dying Buick

Q. My battery and volt lights keep coming on in my 1994 Buick LeSabre and the car dies. I had it in the shop and they replaced the alternator, but it is still doing it. Do you think it might be a bad valve or something malfunctioning due to the "chip" in the ignition key?

3.8 liter engine, automatic trans., 105,000 miles, fuel injection, ABS brakes, P/S-A/C-cruise control, rack and pinion steering.

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A. There's really not enough information here for me to make an educated diagnosis. My first thought is a possible bad Crack Angle Sensor (CAS). They do exhibit the same symptoms when they go bad. Usually this happens when the engine gets hot and after about an hour or so of cooling off, the engine will restart. As far as the chip in the key goes, they either work or don't work, I have never seen any in-between as far as that goes.

When the engine dies, does it crank good and strong and not start? If so, I would look at the CAS. If it dies and the battery is dead, then something in the electrical system is wrong. A good Auto Electric shop would be the place to take it to trace down exactly where it is.

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