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Screaming Geo

Q. I have a 1996 Geo Tracker convertable. It's got a 1600cc engine, V4 of course. Automatic Transmission with ABS. It's got almost 20k miles on it. Ok now here's the problem, whenever my car has been sitting for awhile; like overnight. Then I go out there, start it up, and drive off. About 20 seconds after I start driving a really loud screaching sound happens lasting about 5 seconds each time. Now this problem only happens if my car has been sitting for awhile, I guess when the engine gets cold. If you have any idea what the problem and solution is, please help me.


A. I think in this case we're looking at a loose belt Chris. Take a good look at all the belts and make they aren't cracked or have pieces missing. Then tighten them up and that should take care of the noise. 20K on a 1996 vehicle is not a lot and they may be dry rotted.

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