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Olds ACC Problem

Q. Hello, How are you doing? I have an Olds Aurora/1995 with only 70000 miles on it. I notice one thing is that the passenger temperature controller does not function. Meaning, if the driver side temperature is set on 60 degrees, and the passenger side control is set on warm, it would still give cold air on the passenger side. What could be the problem. The car is fully loaded, with the Northstar engine.

A. I'm doing just fine, thank you. A little indigestion from that garlic pizza I had for dinner, but a couple of Rolaids fixed me right up.

The Automatic Climate Control (ACC) system in your car is computer controlled. The computer will store a trouble code which the dealer can pull up to locate the problem. I have found that about 85% of the time, it's a door, door motor linkage or vacuum problem. This can be a tough one to fix because it usually means pulling the whole heater box out of the car.

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