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A Cranky Honda

Q. I have a 91 honda Accord DX, 4 cylinder engine, 168,000 mls, no ac, fuel injection, I believe its a pinion steering. Every summer when the weather gets hot my car has trouble starting up on time. During the winter or cool months its fine I have no trouble out of it and the car cranks up on time. Now during the summer I spend at least 5 minutes trying to crank my car up. After 5 minutes it finally starts. What can it be I don't know. The car has a brand new battery and a new tune up.

Can you please help me get my car started on a hot summer day.

A. This is a tough one to diagnose without actually seeing the car. What you describe would lead me to look at the cold start system. Since an EFI vehicle has no carburetor, there is an electronic equivalent. There is a cold start injector and an Auxiliary Air Bypass valve in this system, either of which would cause this symptom. It also uses the coolant tempreture sensor.

I would take it to a shop that has the equipment to check this system and determine exactly which componenet has malfunctioned

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