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Trouble In The Hood

Q. I have an 88 Accord and the hood latch cable on the inside of the car has become loose and will not pop the hood anymore, is there any way that I can fix this problem or get the hood open?


A. The first thing you need to do is determine why the cable is loose. Look inside the car where the latch is mounted. Are the mounting screws loose? If they are, tighten them down. Is the handle broken? If it is, it needs to be replaced. If everything looks good here, then you need to adjust the cable.

This is the fun part because the adjustment is on the radiator support, under the hood. You might be able to grab the end of the cable with a pair of pliers and pop the hood that way. If that doesn't work what you'll have to do is get a couple of long screwdrivers and find a way to get them through the grill and pop the latch. Sometimes you have to come up from under the car to do this. You may end up taking it to a mechanic to have this done.

Once the hood is open, making the adjustment is easy. There is a clamp and a screw holding down the cable end. Loosen the screw and move the cable end away from the latch and tighten it down. Close the latch with a screwdriver and pull the cable to make sure it releases the catch. You may have to make a couple of adjustments until it's right. Try it a few times to be sure it works every time and then close the hood and pop it open. 99% of the job is getting the hood open, after that it's all down hill.

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