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Nissan Sentra Lights, Column, Action

Q. After replacing a dead battery, my daughters 1991 Nissan Sentra will not release the key without prying the release with a butter knife on steering column, other than replacing ignition lock - any suggestions???

Could she have caused brake light fuses to blow by poking around in the column wiring, is their anything else on this 15 amp fuse that could be causing the blow. She has the smallest engine and air conditioning.


A. To be honest Kay, one has nothing to do with the other. That key release button is purely mechanical, there's nothing electric involved. The lock cylinder needs to replaced to fix this. You can get a lock cylinder from Nissan without the ignition switch and take the old switch and put it on the new cylinder. There's just two small screw holding it on. You can also take it to a locksmith and he can set up the cylinder to use the old key, eliminating the need for two different keys.

To my best recollection, there is no wiring for the brake lights running up the steering column. The brake lights are the only thing on that fuse.

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